Is there a free trial available?

There is a 7-day trial only available for Care’s Basic plan (here)

Free trials for WebCare.Live monthly/annually plans have been discontinued.

We have offered a free trial of our ongoing support plans since the start of our business. Several companies offer free trials. Several advantages arose.

  • A more significant number of people signed up. Since our support plans were free to try, more people were willing to give us a shot.
  • Learning was accelerated. After a larger pool of customers took us for a test drive, our team learned a lot about converting free trial users to paying customers.
  • This motivated us. Free trials gave our team the impetus to go above and beyond when it came to delivering value to customers to convert them into paying customers.

However, there were also disadvantages. One reason stood above others in pushing us to stop offering free trials.

Customers are attracted to free trials in the wrong way #

Our free trial to paid customer conversion rate was quite good, as I’ve mentioned before. However, many people trying out our free trial wanted to take advantage of our unlimited revisions feature. Our website speed, security, and ongoing maintenance were not vital to them.

Therefore, people often ended their trial after we made the changes to their website on day 6 of their 7-day trial.

Guess what? As a result, we spent a lot of time and resources helping customers who never paid us anything.

Please do not misunderstand me; I’m all for helping the needy. That’s why we provide support so our customers can resolve any website-related issues they may have.

Personally, however, I firmly believe that you should pay for value. As there is no such thing as a free lunch, we want our customers to understand the value they will receive in the long run, not just what they can accomplish this week.

Our free trials are not going away entirely. However, we offer a 7-day trial only for the Basic Plan

What Should I Expect #

We will most likely see fewer new customers sign up for plans. The opportunity to test out our services risk-free is gone without the free trial.

In my opinion, that’s for the best. Of course, there will be fewer customers coming through the door, but all of them will be people who:

  • Pay us for what we do. As there are no free trials, I’ll know they are willing to pay for the service.
  • I expect our customer lifetime value to increase. I hope our customer base will expand to people interested in finding a true technical WordPress partner, not simply someone who can help with a few edits.
  • Understand the trade-off between time and cash. An ideal customer is one who wants to pay us for an Optimize Plan and understands the value they’re getting. Payment up front will hopefully flush out those who don’t measure up.

To achieve the ultimate value of letting both parties play to their strengths, we want to attract the type of customer who is willing to pay for services.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. #

For months, I have been striving to reduce the amount of wasted time our team spends on new customers who don’t become paid customers. But, in the end, asking my team was the best course of action.

It’s time to move forward!

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