Do you configure security for the website to prevent brute force attacks?

Absolutely. There can be no security without security! 

Security Optimization is only available on Secure Plans and higher. 

We will configure Fail2Ban to prevent brute force attacks at the server level and integrate the WP Fail2Ban plugin with other configurations.

We will take care of the following steps: 

We will:

Part 1. Use GP-CLI to Configure Fail2Ban for Strict Brute Force Protection

  • Step 1. Setup a custom rule and jail for wp-login.php
  • Step 2. Setup a custom rule and jail for xmlrpc.php

Part 2. Use the WP Fail2Ban Plugin Integration

  • Enabling/Disabling Fail2Ban integration with WP Fail2Ban
  • Blocking User Enumeration
  • Block Stupid Usernames
  • Guard Comments
  • Guard Password Resets
  • Guard Pingbacks
  • Guard Against Spam

Part 3. Whitelisting IP Addresses

Part 4. Manually Banning an IP Address

Part 5. Unbanning an IP Address and Checking if an IP is Banned

Part 6. Configuring the [sshd] Jail

Part 7. Fail2Ban Syntax Check

Part 8. Fail2Ban Activity Log