Do you manage WooCommerce websites?


Our Optimize Plan is required for all WooCommerce websites or sites with on-site payment or donation functionality (Easy Digital Downloads, BigCommerce, WP Simple Pay, Give, etc.).

For websites that are custom-built or have highly customized themes or plugins, our Enterprise Plan is required (Contact Us). 

The requirement does not apply if your website accepts payments or donations that are managed by a 3rd-party (someone submits their payment through a third-party website, etc.).

As part of our website management subscriptions, we manage WooCommerce stores to help drive more sales and revenue. 

Adding new products #

We offer unlimited small website edits, including adding or removing any product to your online store. Send us images, descriptions, and any other details you have about your new products, and we’ll create new product pages for you.

Performance #

Our team will help set up the infrastructure and ensure your checkout process is fast and effective if you run a high-traffic WooCommerce store, whether you drive traffic regularly through SEO or see large spikes in traffic over short periods. In addition, we’ll ensure your site is configured to give each customer a great checkout experience, no matter how many people are checking out simultaneously.

Safe updates #

At WebCare.Live, we follow a safe update procedure, which is even more critical when dealing with WooCommerce updates. All WooCommerce updates will be done in a staging environment, and a full battery of tests will be run before those updates are rolled out to the live site to avoid any possible update issues.

Staging integrated into the workflow #

Your store should be accessible 24 hours a day. That’s why we’re happy to provide a workflow that ensures all changes are made in staging before they’re pushed to the live site. You will have to wait a bit longer to see website edits live on your website, but the risk of downtime or checkout issues is significantly reduced.