Is it possible for you to guarantee that my website will load in under 2 seconds under your care plan?

No. Regarding loading times of websites we manage, we try to achieve speeds of under 1 second. However, we never make any blanket promises. If someone makes such a promise, they try to sell you their services and swipe your credit card.

As a result, the vast majority of websites we manage load in less than 2 seconds, which is Google’s recommended loading time.

Websites are all different, and depending on specific aspects of the website, it may not be possible to achieve a loading time under 2 seconds. When your website is hosted on a shared server (next to 20,000 other sites) and has 20 Google Ads serving external content, chances are it will be slow. 

Nevertheless, if you take our engineers’ advice, select a reliable hosting service, and balance marketing and growth needs with minimalist speed optimization techniques, your website should be able to load in under 2 seconds.