Do I need a Custom Plan or a Custom Pro Plan for my website?

Due to their complexity, custom-built (or highly customized) websites require our advanced plans! In that case, we recommend our Enterprise Plan and Custom Plan. 

A website built with an out-of-the-box theme, plugin, or page builder can be regularly updated by its developers.

Our engineering team at WebCare.Live must manually update custom areas of your website, which takes time and resources.

This is why these websites require a higher-level plan! Our job is to ensure every website we manage is well maintained, secure, and stable, which means investing in it the way it needs to be.

Our Custom Plan is required if… #

  • It is a custom-made theme.
  • The theme files have been heavily customized.
  • If any custom plugins are used on the site.
  • If any highly customized plugins are used on the site.

If your website uses a custom-coded plugin or a developer added any custom code to a plugin to enhance its functionality, that’s a custom plugin!

Our Enterprise Plan is required if… #

In addition to the points above, the website has advanced functionality.