We are the WordPress experts and we can take care of your website 24/7, 365 days

We do all the heavy lifting for you by offering:

Robust Security

To thwart vulnerabilities, malware, and hackers

Optimized Database

To keep your site light, clean, and junk-free

Enhanced Speed

To load pages faster for a better user experience

On-Demand Support

That’s fast and friendly without long queues

Unlimited Edits

Small or big, we can edit your site without limits

Plugin Setups

We configure and manage unlimited plugins for you

Updated Sites 24/7

We update all your core, themes, and plugins

Full Cloud Backups

That automates daily with seamless restores points

Every day 30,000 websites worldwide are infected with malware

Nearly half of WordPress sites are not running the latest version

61% of WordPress sites are infected because they use outdated versions of the core, themes and plugins


WordPress Sites At Risk: 70% of WordPress sites are vulnerable to malware and attacks

This Can


Your Website Isn’t Optimized For Speed



Improper Configuration Of Plugins And Infrequent Content Updates

This can…

It’s time to stop WASTING your valuable time on fixing the Problems and leave all of that boring, dirty work to us!

We’ll take care of all your WordPress websites so you can focus on running your business without the need to worry about anything!


Security Management

We will protect it with our robust prevention and detection system so that you can focus on what’s important: growing your business!


Performance Management

Our goal is to improve your website’s load speed to under 2 seconds by removing all the unnecessary “fat” that slows your website down.


Update Management

The latest theme, core, and plugins are constantly updated to keep your site well-oiled and error-free.


Unlimited Web Management

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a blog or eCommerce store, we can handle ALL your edits.


Emergency Management

Whatever happens, whether you get locked out of your website, are confronted with a white screen of death, we’ll eliminate this “site storm” as quickly as possible.


Backup Management

We offer a fully automated cloud backup module that backs up your website either in full or in part without any user intervention. This is perfect for times when things don’t go smoothly.

Any business, side job, or hobby can benefit from WebCare.Live!

Bloggers Or Freelancers

Blogging and freelancing is exciting because it provides you with the opportunity to express your thoughts on a variety of topics, as well as share content. However, this does come at a cost – posting fresh content consistently can be challenging for even seasoned bloggers who are working full-time jobs outside their blog or freelance work.

This is the perfect time to work on that content you’ve been meaning to get around to but have not found a chance. Our team of experts can take care of all your website needs so you’ll be free from having this anxiety while working on what matters most!


Are you a coach, affiliate marketer, marketing consultant or guru? We can step in and be your IT infrastructure team. You’ll focus on sales while we handle all the technical moving parts of your business for you!

If you’re looking for a team that will not only help your site perform well and look good, but also provide an all-around concierge experience to make sure everything is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it.

Woocommerce Or Online Store

Woocommerce is a great platform for any store owner to sell their products. It can be challenging, however if you are new or have limited experience with ecommerce platforms. You may not know how to set up your sales tax and VAT account, which could lead into neglecting the other tasks of running an online store such as communicating with customers via email and replenishing out-of-stock items.

Our WebCare.live squad are professionals with extensive experience designing websites using best practices we guarantee a website or app design tailored specifically to suit all your needs as well as those of potential customers too – think no more about endless pain points when it comes to Woocommerce store configurations; they can be long gone by day one thanks to us, so don’t hesitate any longer if this sounds like something worth exploring further now!

Any Other WordPress Business

We’re proud to say that we can support any kind of business. Whether you sell diapers, accounting services, or a health eBook (or anything else!), if it has been built on WordPress/Woocommerce then we can assist with whatever needs come up!

You no longer need to worry about hiring employees and subcontractors on various platforms because they are often short term, complicated, expensive solutions that lead get messy! With us as a reliable and ongoing partner in the background of your business operations instead of just one task at a time like some sites offer we can take care of everything while providing affordable prices too.