Are you able to provide custom development?

Are you able to provide custom development?

Yes, for $100/hour as an add-on to our website management subscriptions.

Larger projects that fall outside of our website management subscriptions can be custom-developed by us.

We charge $100/hr for custom development. 

As much as possible, our team will try to make changes to your website(s) as simple as possible. Whenever possible, we’ll avoid custom development so that your website itself is simple. If something truly requires custom development, we’ll follow the steps below. 

The process for custom development

  1. After you submit an edit request, our team will determine if custom development is required.
  2. Upon receiving your request, one of our engineers will send you an email with an exact estimate of how long it will take.
  3. Upon receiving your approval, we will send an invoice for those hours and our team will complete the project, directing any questions via email during development.