How long does it typically take you to respond and resolve a problem?

It varies by ticket, but generally, 2-6 hours for a reply and 24-48 hours for a resolution.

Here at WebCare.Live, we get a lot of questions about response and resolution times. We can only offer you the most honest answer: it depends on the ticket.

As a result, we don’t have an official SLA, just a general timeline for when edits should be completed based on a few factors.

How website edits work #

  1. Our system will send you an automated response as soon as your email support ticket is submitted correctly (or you submit it through webchat).
  2. Our team will send you a manual response email within 2-6 hours to inform you that we have opened the ticket, assessed the request complexity, and are working on it.
  3. We will send you an email with the changes made to the ticket or request within 24-48 hours. 

Timing can be affected by a number of factors #

  • We only handle one edit request at a time. To avoid conflicts on your site from two changes being made at the same time! Therefore, if you submit 5 edit requests at once, we will handle each one by one. Our team is working our way through your multiple simultaneous requests, so please be patient.
  • It may also take our team longer to respond to a request that is high-complexity. While we take pride in doing work quickly, we are even more committed to doing work safely and diligently. Complex requests also require patience from you as we effectively handle them for you. In the event that a ticket is complex and our team needs more time, we will let you know if it falls outside of that 48 hour window. 

How you can help our team be more efficient #

  • In some cases, we need additional information or direct feedback from you to move a request forward. To ensure our team can continue working on your request, please reply to an email as soon as possible if it requires additional information.
  • Because we do not offer phone or live chat support, please make sure your edit requests are as detailed as possible using the resources we provide here.