How does WebCare.Live make websites faster?

Our Optimize Plan or higher fully covers speed and performance optimization. With hours of manual optimization and premium plugins, we achieve sites that are fast enough to make a significant positive impact on the websites we manage.

Our team performs a full audit of your website and hosting environment during onboarding. As a result, we can create and implement a unique plan for your website that reduces loading time significantly.

Additionally, we will maintain your website so that it is always fast. Getting your website to load quickly is one thing, but keeping it loaded quickly over the long run is the real key.

As part of your onboarding process, we’ll implement our premium plugins to ensure the best possible optimization.

• Optimize Images
• Remove Query Strings
• Minify Javascript and CSS
• Optimize Mobile Experience
• Render-Blocking Resources
• Combine Requests
• Leverage Browser Caching
• Lazy Loading Images
• Enable Compression
• Inline Critical CSS
• Reduce Server Response Time
• CDN Support

The exact process: #

Following onboarding and our audit, we deeply dive into things like GTmetrix waterfalls, Google Pagespeed Insights, and Google Core Web Vitals.
With the unique characteristics of your website and infrastructure, our performance engineers will experiment and implement the steps needed to speed up your website.
Once we’ve made as much progress as possible under your current infrastructure, our support team will let you know.
Additional progress can be made with additional infrastructure investment (a premium CDN, upgraded hosting environment, etc.). Should this be the case, we’ll give you our recommendations and help you move forward if you decide.
In addition, we continue to optimize your speed regularly. Getting your website to load quickly is one thing, but keeping it loading fast over the long term is another.

Balancing performance and monetization: #

Performance optimization for websites with several marketing plugins, serving Google Ads, and monetization options can be challenging.

Although we may not be able to achieve perfect scores on these sites, we’re confident we can deliver positive and meaningful results while still maintaining your existing monetization options.