How does onboarding work?

Find out what happens after you sign up.

Welcome email #

  • how to securely send us your login credentials
  • how to contact our support team for website edits
  • how to access your ticket dashboard

Full backup #

Our team will do a full backup of your files and database within a few hours of signing up.

We perform this step before updating or editing the website. A complete backup of the website is essential in case something goes wrong.

Onboarding officially begins #

When you sign up and select a care plan, our team will be automatically notified.

We will automatically queue your website for onboarding by our client success and engineering teams.

  • Onboarding checklists consisting of 200 items are usually completed within 24-48 hours.
  • Since we perform safe updates once a week, plugin updates may not be completed during onboarding.
  • Because optimizing website speed manually requires a lot of time, it can take up to 1-2 weeks to see the best results!

Learn more about our 200-item onboarding checklist

The 200-item checklist provides us with as much information about your site as possible. Providing us with the knowledge we need to take a holistic approach to your site’s maintenance, support, and optimization!

Among the items on our checklist are:

  • Check your plugins and theme(s).
  • Performing multiple security scans.
  • Three performance-scanning tools will be used, including a security review of common vulnerabilities.

Start submitting website edits #

Secure Plan or higher.

Once our team has completed the initial backups (see step 2 above), we can begin working on your website!

There are multiple ways to submit requests for website edits, detailed in your welcome email (step 1 above):

  1. Send an email directly to our support team
  2. By logging into your ticket dashboard and submitting a new ticket

24/7 uptime monitoring #

Your website will be connected to our uptime monitoring system. Your website will be ping every 60 seconds to ensure it’s working.

If not, our 24/7 team will be alerted automatically and will work to resolve any issues under our control as soon as possible.

Safe updates #

All your plugins, themes, and core files will be updated safely by us.

When your website has advanced or complex plugins, such as eCommerce, multi-language, membership, etc, we may test those updates further to ensure that they’re successful.

Premium plugins installed #

Secure Plan or higher.

As part of your onboarding, you will see premium plugins such as EWWW – Image Optimization, WP Rocket, Updraft Plus, etc. (see here for the complete list) installed on your website.

Our team is on its way to making your website faster and more secure.

Mobile optimization #

Secure Plan or higher.

We’ll make sure your website passes the test of mobile optimization.

If not, we’ll make sure every page on your website passes mobile testing across all mobile and tablet devices.

Speed optimization #

Secure Plan or higher.

Our team will work hard to improve your website’s loading time, especially during the first 1-2 weeks of your care plan! This will include:

  • Manual optimization to ensure a strong website foundation
  • By implementing premium caching and image compression plugins
  • As much as possible, decrease loading times and improve scores in online tests because of your current infrastructure
  • Upgrades we can’t make without your permission, such as upgrading your host or implementing a CDN (if you don’t choose to host with us)

Your first report #

We’ll send your first website report to you the first Monday following your sign-up. We offer complete transparency regarding updates, uptime, backups, traffic, performance, and our 24-hour WordPress security service.

It is possible that your website will not be ready for its first report on Monday if you sign up on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. As a result, your first report will arrive the following Monday.

Ongoing work #

We will be available to help you with WordPress month after month.

Our expert team will handle updates, any website edits you request, ongoing speed and security optimization, backups, uptime monitoring, and anything else you need 24/7.

Just relax and let us handle it. Everything will be taken care of!

Continuing to level up #

If you wish to get the most from using WebCare.Live after onboarding is complete, you can do a few things.

Get 2 months free when you switch from a monthly to an annual plan

Sign up for our referral program and earn payouts when your referrals sign up for our care plans.