Custom Website

Custom Handbuilt Design

For every client, we design 100% custom websites.

Ultra Fast Page Speed

A lightning-fast website won't let you lose a single visitor

Optimized for Conversion

Conversion-oriented websites

Industry Leading SEO

Getting found is easy with SEO front and center

Fully custom websites. From scratch.

For all of our clients, we design and build 100% custom websites. We don't use themes or templates, we don't mess around. Hence, our designs are customized to suit your needs - and you get ultra-fast page load times since we don't add any bloat.
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Lightning fast websites so you don't lose a single visitor

  • Lightweight framework

    The latest, cutting-edge WordPress design frameworks are used by us

  • No unnecessary bloat

    Every website we design is tailored to the needs of the client. We can't all fit into one box.

  • Highly optimized

    Your website will be optimized using a combination of premium tools and systems.

  • Best-in-class hosting

    With Webcare.Live, your website will be hosted by a highly-rated managed WordPress hosting provider like GridPane.

Conversion-oriented Websites

  • Elegant, modern design

    Our goal is to design and build custom websites that reflect the work of our clients, based on a foundation of simple, elegant design language.

  • Effortless navigation

    If your visitors browse your website on their smartphone, or if you display it on a projector in the boardroom, we make sure it's easy to navigate.

  • Iteration & improvment

    A website isn't just an image on a wall - it's an interactive entity. We gather data & analytics both before and after the launch of a site to ensure our design decisions are based on actual user interaction.

Built with SEO, so your website is always found by customers

Content is king in SEO

It is imperative to have high-quality, well-written, relevant content for search engine optimization. Don't worry about backlinks. Citation building is pointless. It's impossible to perform well on search engines if your website doesn't have properly positioned and professionally structured written content. This is where it all begins. Our team takes pride in helping our clients draft, shape, or polish the content that will serve as the foundation for any ongoing SEO approach.

A fast load time makes Google happy

Page speed and performance are second only to well-written, relevant content. As mobile-first websites, mobile web apps, and more than half of your website's visitors load your site using mobile data, speed is king. Making sure your website is built from the ground up with speed optimization in mind, as well as choosing the right web hosting solution, is more critical than ever when it comes to improving search engine rankings.

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